How to find your Contemporary home on the Costa del Sol

Our passion is contemporary homes and there are a number of possible routes to finding the right one for you.

While location, location, location may be the magic mantra for many property agents, with over 20 years’ experience in the property market on the Costa del Sol we realise there are a few other factors that are also important to our clients:

  • Patience – how long can you wait before you can move in?
  • Time – if you are based in another country how much time can you dedicate to a project?
  • Needs – a holiday home for a young family or something more sophisticated?
  • Price – not just of the property itself but the total price to create your contemporary vision.

Contemporary property in this part of Spain comes in many shapes and sizes and of course prices. However, there are several paths available to enable you to arrive at your new home:- you can buy an existing contemporary home, buy one off plan or during the build process or create your own vision via refurbishment or plot and build.

Buying an existing property that has already been re-designed and refurbished
These properties are ready to move in!

Already refurbished in a modern, contemporary style these properties are a low stress, easy option. These homes are often in great, central locations within walking distance of amenities and towns combining ease of living with luxury, contemporary design.
Resale contemporary homes for sale

Buying an off plan property
Buying an off plan property on the Costa del Sol used to be reserved for investors and speculators – a place to tread cautiously. Times have changed!

With more checks and balances in place and bank guarantees on offer, it has now become one of the most popular ways of guaranteeing a modern, state of the art, styled property with all the latest design trends such as floor to ceiling seamless windows, open plan living spaces and home automation.

You can choose from the best units, pay smaller instalments towards the purchase and build in a further 2 years of market maturity with current prices rising.

A perfect option if you have a little more patience without a heavy time commitment.
Contemporary off plan properties

Buying a property during the construction cycle
Similar to buying off plan but further along the development process. You can view the exact finish of the property in a show flat, see the build already under way and have less time to wait until you move in, often just six months.

A great off plan option for those with a little less patience.
Contemporary off plan properties

Buying a property in a perfect location and refurbishing to your exact style
Location, location, location.

Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with a particular spot but the more traditional Andalusian property currently there isn’t for you. We have a specialised team of architects and builders who can create your contemporary vision in your perfect location.

Perhaps you want to turn your villa into a stunning modern and eco-friendly home, or modernise an apartment to maximise the view with open plan spaces and floor to ceiling seamless windows.

We will take you through the entire process, ensuring that your renovation is to your exact specifications, from quotes and licenses to sleek finishes.

A luxurious new home where you want it
Contact us directly to create your contemporary home

Buy a plot of land and design and build your dream home
Your home built around you.

We can help you identify the perfect plot in the ideal location and then create your designer home. Perhaps you have a plan in mind, one you’ve been working on for years – our architects can help you bring it to life and construct it precisely.

Or perhaps you have some details in mind but need some guidance and inspiration, our extensive portfolio can help you choose the villa layout that meets your needs.

From concept to creation, Contemporary Homes Marbella will take you step by step through the entire process.

Although this is an option requiring time and patience, our experience and knowledge makes the process as sleek and simple as your dream home will be.
Contact us directly to design your dream contemporary villa.

Still unsure which path is best for you? Contact us directly and we will talk you through the options and help you find the best route to the contemporary home you want.

At Contemporary Homes Marbella we are specialists. We are bespoke, personal and passionate about all things sleek, stylish and striking.
Get in touch with us today and let us achieve your vision, together.